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Insurance Company Bad Faith - Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act

Lawyers Who Represent Property Owners Whose Insurance Claims Have Been Denied

The desecration from Hurricane Katrina that hit Louisiana and the Mississippi coast in September 2005 and the devastation from Hurricane Ike that hit Galveston and the Texas coast in September 2008 was beyond the scope of what anyone had imagined. Fortunately, most people in the area had hurricane insurance coverage so that they could get their homes replaced or repaired and business owners had business income loss coverage. Right? Not exactly.

We understand how discouraging and alarming it can be to have a valid insurance claim denied, underpaid or “low balled” or unreasonably delayed. For many, these important concerns go beyond, "How am I going to pay this bill?" to "How will I take care of this problem and still survive financially?" Please contact us today for personal attention to your potential insurance bad faith case and a thorough assessment of your legal options.

Despite having coverage and legitimate claims, many people were not taken care of by the insurance industry after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike. Many individuals and businesses have had their claims denied or neglected.

Unfortunately, this is a common dilemma: You pay premiums for years and years and fulfill your end of the contract, and yet your insurance company has the audacity to refuse to pay when you need them most – when you file a claim. The carrier may turn the whole process of putting your life back in order into an incredible and stressful hassle. Alternatively, they "lowball" you with a payout or settlement offer that does no justice to your actual damages, injuries or repair costs.

Call 888-703-2253 to ask for help. We are committed to helping people who have suffered due to bad faith insurance practices or who have insurance claim disputes. Contact us online.

Our lawyers fight against the unreasonable and unjustifiable withholding of insurance policy benefits throughout the Florida coastal regions. We have handled homeowners claim denials, including not only those involving hurricane loss but also for property insurance claims relating to foundation damage, water losses, fire damage and storm damage, among other types of insurance coverage claims.

Countering the Tactics of Insurers

For many insurance companies, claim denial and payment avoidance are part of their master business plan. Despite the accommodating image and promises they present when pursuing your business, they school adjusters in strategies for claim denial, claim avoidance and hire engineers and other "preferred" contractors with a bias toward protecting the interests of the insurance company.

There are often two major paths to take in demonstrating that your claim is being unfairly handled under laws against insurance bad faith:

    florida hurricane bad faith Independent investigation by our attorneys and our own experts in the relevant fields, typically to determine whether the insurance carrier reasonably investigated your claim. Frequently, this includes proving it is clear your claim is covered and disproving any argument your insurance carrier is using to deny you fair compensation.
    florida hurricanePresenting evidence that your insurer — or the specific adjuster, or experts involved — has an established history of failing to properly and fully investigate a claim or denying claims similar to yours in the past.

For more information, on this topic, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

We Assess Your Situation at No Charge

At our law firm, Maddux & Kendall, P.A., an experienced claims lawyer will sit down with you and assess what happened. We will be up front with you about whether we think you have reason to pursue a claim of insurance bad faith. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Call 888-703-2253 or contact us online with a short description of your story today.

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