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Florida Residential Hurricane Claims

Property Damage Claim Denials — Unfair Offers — Payment Delays — Has This Happened to You?

You have paid your premium for years and fulfilled your side of the agreement with your insurance company. If your insurance company has denied a valid claim for damage to your home, you may need to speak to a qualified and dedicated attorney.

Contact Florida Hurricane Attorney today for a free initial consultation to discuss your property damage claim and see how we may be able to help you get what you have paid for. Call Toll Free 888-703-2253.

The attorneys at Florida Hurricane Attorney have represented homeowners throughout Florida with residential-property claims. We have assisted homeowners at every stage of the insurance claim process, including the filing and documentation of the initial claim, pre-suit negotiations, preparation and filing of the lawsuit, mediation and settlement discussions, and all other matters relating to litigation and preparation for trial.

At Florida Hurricane Attorney our lawyers have extensive experience advocating on behalf of homeowners who have suffered losses due to a catastrophic loss. We have handled hundreds of claim denials for homeowners in Florida. We believe our success is due to our extensive experience representing homeowners against insurance companies involving water damage and mold claims as well as foundation damage and construction defect claims. Accordingly, we have an intimate understanding of what the homeowner is facing in these situations and what they are entitled to under various insurance policies, whether it be a wind policy, flood policy, or some other homeowner’s policy.

Beating Insurers Through Knowledgeable Legal Representation

Homeowner's policies often provide replacement cost coverage for both the home and contents. These policies will also often cover additional living expenses for increased costs while the homeowner is displaced from their home. We will diligently work to obtain the full value of your claim to enable you and your family to get back to the place you were before the loss and move on with your life. We understand that your home is not just another asset.
florida hurricane We have worked on cases where the insurance company failed to properly investigate the true degree of structural damage even though the house obviously had structural damage and potential mold damage.
florida hurricane We have seen cases where the engineer or consultant hired by the insurance company knew more about the insurance policy than the adjusters. The engineer or consultant would tailor their reports in an attempt to enable the insurance carrier to pay out as little as possible.

Why not give us a call today? It costs you nothing. We will respond promptly to your call or your e-mail. Should you retain our services, we will provide persistent, aggressive and timely representation on your behalf.

Call Toll Free 888-703-2253.

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